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Occasionally we exchange a smile with a stranger and wonder, would they play too?.  

The sole purpose of KISSUMO is to secretly identify you with these Lifestyle Couples and Individuals

Now is an ideal time to join the growing number of people using KISSUMO in 50 countries worldwide.    Be ready to kick start your fun when we emerge by being spotted with your KISSUMO

Now with  50% OFF all products and FREE Delivery worldwide.

Lets make KISSUMO your universal sign for adult fun.

Covid-19   Emerging will happen at different times and we always ask that local regulations and precautions are followed to ensure the safety of all .  Safety first xxx

Do they play too?  How many opportunities have we all missed not able to ask?

What if there was a secret sign they could see… and Kissumo was created for you.

Kissumo now active in 48 Countries worldwide – Have they seen your KISSUMO yet?

USA – UK – Spain – Mexico – Belize  – Portugal – Germany – Norway – Denmark – Sweden – France – Malaysia – Canada – Australia – Brazil – India – South Africa – Oman – United Arab Emirates – Qatar – Saudi Arabia – Russia – Lebanon – Israel – Cyprus – Turkey Bulgaria – Estonia – Romania – Poland – Finland – Poland – Bosnia and Herzegovina – China – Italy – Switzerland – Ireland – Luxembourg – Holland – Belgium – New Zealand and growing…


  • For Couples, Individuals and all sexually active Groups
  • See Kissumo and simply ask ‘Is that Kissumo?’  to start your conversation
  • Promoted only by Clubs and Dating sites
  • Hidden from Google and public view
  • Start a club night visit early by wearing before you arrive
  • Choose when you use Kissumo.  Bars, Holidays, Travel, Everyday
  • Affordable, stylish range.  Join participating online groups for free*.

There is no stronger connection than that first impression gained ‘face to face’

SDC feel that the idea of a secret sign for all the groups within the alternative Lifestyle Community is a great idea and fully endorse Kissumo.  Efforts to ensure secrecy are both essential and clever.

Whilst our website provides you with a wide range of immediate options to play or plan ahead, the concept of only promoting Kissumo within clubs such as SDC and hiding the website from the public fits with our members needs.

As well as using Kissumo outside a club environment, we suggest that you also join the SDC Kissumo Group to help Kissumo get better known and see your chances to play increase further.  Kisses…..

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